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After holding a Twitter poll last week to find out what my followers wanted to read next, the results came in saying that everybody wanted me to voice my opinion on the new Soap & Glory face mask range. Of course, I didn’t need to be told twice and rushed straight to Boots to pick them up and start reviewing them.


I’ve always been a fan of Soap & Glory so was super excited after watching Fleur De Force’s video about ‘new in beauty’ for July and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newbies.

If you want to hear all about my first thoughts and opinions on the new products them keep on reading!

The Fab Pore, Pore Refining Sheet Mask – £3.50

My collection of sheet masks is getting a little out of hand now (especially with all these new ones!) but they’re the type of face mask that I literally just can’t get enough of. Aside from the uncomfortable slimy feeling that you have to endure for 10-20 minutes, I find them pretty easy and they always make a massive difference to my skin.

Like I said, most sheet masks are slimy but this was next level. I’ve never known a sheet mask with quite so much product on it. Even after removing it from the packet, there was so much product left in there that I had to pour it down the sink before throwing it in the bin. I suppose this is a good thing really, right? It’s better too have too much skincare product than not enough so it’s definitely not a complaint from me.

I felt that this mask was extremely hydrating and left my skin feeling soft, plumped and super smooth. I was left with a lot of product on my skin after removing the mask which I was able to massage in and give my face that extra drink of moisture it always needs.

I didn’t personally feel like my pores looked any smaller though so for the job it’s intended to do, I wasn’t over the moon.


What A Peeling! De-Clog Mask – £4.00

This was definitely the mask that I was most excited about buying and testing out. I love anything that de-clogs, peels off and let’s not forget the main thing that got my attention – it’s bright pink! Now of course, after trying so many different de-clogging masks and falling in love with them (I love the GlamGlow SuperMud and the Loreal Blemish one!) my expectations for this mask were pretty high and I wanted to love it as much as I love the others.

Firstly, this mask is SUPER messy. Honestly, I was absolutely covered in what looked like bright pink bubble gum by the time I’d finished applying it onto my face. It comes with a little scoop/applicator but take my word for it, DO NOT USE IT. This is what caused such drama for me because the scoop is absolutely tiny and the formula is unbelievably thin and watery so those two combined are just a disaster waiting to happen. I really wish I’d used a flat foundation brush for application instead but I actually wanted to give it a full test and review the mask how it comes and how it’s intended to be applied so the crappy applicator was used. Never again.

I loved how quick this mask dried and how comfortable it was on the skin too. Despite being a detoxing mask, my skin didn’t feel at all dried out, tight or uncomfortable like a lot of these types of masks do. It was easy to sit there for 20 minutes whilst it dried and almost forget that I was wearing it.

Personally, I don’t feel like this mask made a huge difference to my pores or what’s in them. Even today as I’m writing this post (3 days after using the mask) I look in the mirror and my pores look both massive and clogged as hell. Being a makeup artist, I do wear a lot of different products each day but I also pride myself on a great skincare routine to prevent blocked pores as much as possible but right now, my nose looks horrendous.


Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches – £3.50

Oh how these are weird and wonderful little buggers. They feel like little slices of jelly and they’re so slippery it takes a lot of moving and wiggling about to get them to sit perfectly under the eye.

After using these, my under eye area felt the smoothest it probably ever has. I wouldn’t say that I noticed a difference with my dark circles or anything but they definitely felt slightly more plumped up and as I said, much smoother than normal.

However, I definitely don’t feel as if these patches are worth £3.50. I’d happily pay about £2 but to charge the same price as a sheet mask is a little bit much I think.


Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask – £3.50

This mask is quite different to the other masks in the sense that it comes in two separate parts. This makes it so much easier to position the mask onto the natural contours of the face so it sits correctly. I personally find that masks which are one whole piece are quite difficult to position right meaning that you have a piece of fabric sitting over your upper lip or the mask sliding off your nose. It’s a tricky one to get right but having it in two separate pieces is definitely better!

The mask itself is a jelly texture and feels extremely slippery. It’s cooling on the skin and made my face feels instantly hydrated and refreshed – perfect for a hot summers day!


Bright + Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask – £3.50

The very first thing I noticed about this mask was it’s smell. Oh my GOD it’s smell. Citrus goodness in a little foil packet. This sheet mask is infused with pink grapefruit and mint oils and it smells like complete heaven. Of course if you’re somebody who doesn’t like citrus scents, grapefruit or anything with a strong scent then this one won’t be for you but for the strong scented lovers like myself, give this a go!

The sheet itself was quite tricky to apply as I find that it was for me personally, a bit too big for my face. The mouth section sat too low and the chin section ended up being wrapped halfway down my neck because it was too saggy hanging off of my chin.

On the positive side, my skin was literally GLOWING after I removed it. It looked like I had just covered myself in radiance boosting moisturiser and Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter which is exactly what I was after. Who doesn’t want bright, radiant skin without the need for highlighters and strobing creams? It’s all I ever ask for! I will definitely be repurchasing this mask and continue using it.


That’s a wrap for the Soap & Glory mask range! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the read and if you like the look of any of them, let me know if you’re going to be popping to your local Boots to pick them up anytime soon.

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,

Georgia x