Phase Zero Make-up – FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Georgia Phelps Beauty

After quite a while I’m finally back with another first impressions post! These type of posts always seem popular here on my little ole blog so I thought I’d review a new brand that has recently come to my attention.

I was lucky enough to receive a surprise parcel from Phase Zero make-up several weeks ago and I’ve been putting them to the test ever since which means only one thing, time for a review!

I’ve seen Phase Zero aaaaall over Instagram throughout the last month or so and was so intrigued about their products so to receive blogger mail from them was an absolute dream! Thank you so much to the team for sending over your beautiful products for me to try out.

The package consisted of a customisable palette and a bunch of single shadows for me to pop in and create a custom palette with! I’ve only ever made a palette like this with MAC and was so excited (as sad as it sounds) to put them all exactly where I wanted and make it my own.


With a wide variety of colours, I very quickly created a versatile, easy to use, perfect for travel and stunning looking palette. I couldn’t wait to start swatching but of course in true blogger style, I had to wait to take photos first and the wait was a killer.

As soon as I poked my finger into the first shade I instantly knew that I’d be a fan of these shadows and this brand. The formula is creamy, insanely pigmented and blends effortlessly. What more could you want from an eyeshadow, right?


The selection of shades enables you to create a variety of looks from soft and natural to sultry and smokey so no matter what look you’re after, this palette will be perfect.

Another thing that I loved about this palette was the beautiful packaging! I absolutely live for anything holographic and shiny (I swear I’m like a bloody magpie!) so when I opened the parcel and spotted a holographic print gleaming back at me, I knew I’d be a fan right away. A decent sized and good quality mirror is also included within the palette which makes it even more ideal for travel and getting ready on-the-go if you live a busy life like me.

Overall, my first impressions of Phase Zero make-up is nothing but positive! I love the products, packaging and general style of the brand and the prices are extremely affordable too! You can purchase their products here and use the code Georg7921547 to get £5 off of your order.


As always, thank you is much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.

Until next time,

Georgia x