Jeffree Star X Manny MUA Collab – First Impressions & Swatches – Georgia Phelps Beauty

Happy Sunday!

I’m a little late to the party but wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of the Jeffree Star x Manny MUA collaboration collection with you all! I’ve been testing them to their full potential for the past few months since they launched and I’ve been itching to share my thoughts on all of the products with all my readers!

First of all, let’s just talk about the packaging. Oh my god, the packaging! Jeffree and Manny have well and truly kicked this one out of the park and delivered everything you could ever dream of. Sleek black, holographic and high quality – what more could you want?!

Velour Liquid Lipsticks – £16.00

I’ll start with ‘Daddy’ as so many people have been asking me what I think of the colour and honestly, just wow. Never in my life did think that I would be obsessing over a cool toned nude. Yep, I’m 100% a warm toned kinda gal who ALWAYS sticks within her comfort zone and I was almost quite surprised at myself for loving this shade as much as I do. This shade is the perfect balance between a light nude and a grey and somehow doesn’t wash me out (this really took me by surprise!) so I always reach for it if I have a bold eye look and need a neutral lip to finish my look.



‘I’m Shook’ wasn’t exactly what I expected and after watching countless YouTube reviews on the liquid lippies, I’m clearly not the only one who didn’t receive what they thought this product would be. From the pre-release photos of this liquid lipstick, I was under the impression that I would be receiving a fairly bright/coral red (almost like the colour of a strawberry/red berry!) but what I received was a very unique coppery/burnt orange red. Granted, the colour is absolutely stunning and I’m loving the fact that it is still a VERY unique colour and therefore, I own nothing like this in my collection so far but I do firmly believe that this liquid lipstick was to a certain extent, falsely advertised. Whether or not the pre-release photos were filtered, photoshopped, tinkered about with or whatever – it definitely is not the same colour that it is advertised to be.



Eclipse Skin Frost – £25.50


Due to Eclipse being the first Skin Frost I’ve ever owned, I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was hoping for a good result. Thankfully, I haven’t been disappointed!

I am well and truly, a highlighter addict. Anything sparkly or metallic, I very quickly become obsessed with and can’t resist purchasing. Honestly, the amount of Anastasia glow kits that I own is ridiculous. Yet I still can’t stop buying more highlighters just because I love the glow. The brighter the better!

This highlighter is everything that I expected along with a little bit more. As promised, this Skin Frost is exactly that – a blinding icy pink glow that you could probably see from space.

My first initial impression of this wasn’t the best as it doesn’t swatch very well on the hand. However, use a decent highlighting brush and even some fixing mist and oh boy, what a beam you’ll be sporting! This highlighter is perfect for all skin tones and compliments every possible make-up look too.


I can only wish that these beauties bring out more collaboration products in the future because if they do, I’ll be all over them! I’ve been so overwhelmingly impressed with these products and they’ve become absolute staples within my make-up bag ever since they launched.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time,

Georgia x