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Hey guys and welcome back to my next edition of my Summer Must-Haves series. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my first edition which was all about my favourite Bumble and Bumble products to use throughout the warmer seasons.

I thought I’d work through this series as if I was getting ready, so in the order that I put products on my face I guess. Which means that first up with the beauty products, the base. I won’t talk about every single favourite product in each category because otherwise quite frankly, we’ll be here all day but I’ll tell you my favourite product from each specific category to keep it short and sweet.


Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer – £28.00


This stuff is my absolute God send. Not just in the summer but all year round. I don’t consider myself to be somebody who has particularly dry skin but I do find it to be pretty dehydrated most of the time. This means that my skin personally, lacks a lot of water so anything to boost my hydration levels is 100% a winner for me.

Most primers tend to feel quite thick on the skin which for me, isn’t something I’m always that comfortable with which is why this product won my heart right from the beginning. It almost feels a little like just adding another layer of gel-based moisturiser onto the skin. It doesn’t sit on top of the skin in a heavy way which is perfect for my preference and instead, sinks straight in. This then speeds up my getting ready process in the morning as I’m able to put my foundation straight on top without having to wait for anything to set in or dry.


bareMinerals Complexion Rescue – £27.00


During the warmer months I always tend to go for something with a lighter texture and more natural coverage. Personally, most of the time I’m a full coverage gal so if I’m going for a lighter coverage, it has to pull out all the stops and impress me big time. Luckily, this product did exactly that.

Working in Boots, I’m constantly surrounded by products that promise so much but deliver so little and this specific product surprised me massively as I really didn’t expect to like it at all. Thank God I decided to give this a go because it’s changed the way I wear makeup so much. I’m still a full coverage girl don’t get me wrong – but I am partial to a more natural complexion nowadays thanks to discovering this gem.

This product gives a light level of coverage and makes areas and details on the skin still visible. So if you have freckles that you still want to see – fear not! With this product, that’s totally achievable. It has a natural radiance which leaves the skin looking just like skin and who doesn’t want a foundation that does this? Let’s be honest here, nobody wants to look or feel like they’re wearing a mask and a completely different person. It has an SPF of 30 and sits somewhere on the spectrum between a BB cream, a CC cream and a tinted moisturiser. It’s basically all of those three rolled into one – amazing right?!


Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer – £7.99


I’ve recently rediscovered this product after straying away from it for a while. I’ve been on a mission to use up products this year so my new one that I got as a gift at Christmas has been sat on my dressing table for quite some time. This is an oldie but such a goodie. Let’s be real, everybody has heard of this Concealer (almost as much as the Collection one) but it’s such a fab product and deserves all the love it constantly receives!

The little sponge is such a clever design (even though it is pretty disgusting) as it fits perfectly under the eye and blends the product beautifully into the skin. I find that it dispenses such a perfect amount of product too which is an added bonus as it means that no product is wasted. The amount of concealers I own that you twist to get the product up on a tiny brush is just ridiculous. They waste so much product and I get through them far too quickly. You’d have thought that by now I would have learnt that they’re just a waste of my money but no, I still fall for them, time and time again.

This concealer performs as a medium coverage with a satin-like finish and texture. It doesn’t crease under the eyes or settle into any areas of the skin so I don’t find myself needing to set it with a powder. I think I’ve got through 3 of these concealers now which is always a good sign. When you re-purchase the same product multiple times, you know it’s a winner. I normally have a back up too!

Setting Spray:

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day – £14.50 


I’m not somebody who uses setting sprays on a daily basis as my skin normally keeps makeup on pretty well! However, during the Summer months when my skin is slightly oilier than normal and I still want a dewy complexion, this is my go-to setting spray.

It doesn’t leave a weird texturedfilm on top of the skin which some setting sprays have a tendency to do, so it definitely gets brownie points for that. The amount of product dispersed is just right and it doesn’t absolutely drench you with one spritz (another downfall for a lot of other brands!) so for me, this product is perfect. On warmer days I spritz my face 3-5 times after I’ve finished applying all of my makeup at 8am and that’s all I need to keep things in place throughout the day until I get home at about 7pm.

My favourite thing about this setting spray? It comes in different scents! I have the peach one which smells like Peach Schnapps and makes me want a cocktail every time I use it but that’s perfect for summer too I guess.

That sums up my favourite base products for the Summer! Sorry to those of you that were looking for a powder recommendation, I don’t personally use powder as I’ve never found one that my skin absolutely loves so until I do, I’m powder free!


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Let me know any posts that you’d like to see in the comment section so that I can provide content you guys will love!

Until next time,

Georgia x