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Hope you’re having a fab week so far with whatever you’ve been up to. I’ve been busy as usual working and trying out loads of new beauty products to review soon. Keep your eyes peeled because there will be a lot of first impressions and reviews coming up shortly so don’t forget to subscribe to and follow my little blog to get notified when a new post goes live.

I was recently contacted by Roots Double Effect, a new hair care range launched in Superdrug that focusses on strengthening and growing your lovely locks. As a lot of people probably know, my hair is thick as hell so to those people, it probably seems a little weird that I’ve been trying out hair growth products. Up until yesterday I also had super long hair but decided to get the chop as it was far too heavy, dry on the ends from bleach and needed a revamp! I’ve only tried these products out on my long hair so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform now it’s shorter. I was so excited when they offered to send me a few bits to try out and eagerly awaited getting them through my door.

Firstly, I loved the packaging in the parcel they sent me! Not that they would have known, but they wrapped it in bright orange wrapping paper which is my favourite colour so of course, the brand instantly got a seal of approval from me.

Onto the packaging of the actual products, its very simple, innovative and informative. A lot of hair care brands tend to be pretty OTT with packaging and design which I personally find, can take away the focus from the actual point, purpose and benefits of the products. However, Roots packaging is plain white (crisp and clean looking, I love it!) with their branding printed onto it, key product information on the front and all information on the back. I also love the square design of the bottles as I think that it really sets them apart from other hair care brands and makes the products stand out easily on any shelf.

I chose to try out the Sensitive Care Shampoo, Hair Growth Conditioner and Intensive Spray. My scalp is pretty sensitive generally as I suffer from psoriasis which can flare up really easily so these products were the ones best designed for me personally. I know they offer quite a large selection of different targeted ranges so definitely check them out to see if they have something suitable for you and your needs.

Sensitive Care Shampoo 250ml – £9.99

I’m constantly on the hunt for new shampoos that work for my scalp and hair type. Personally, I don’t like anything that makes my hair feel weighed down (it’s already thick enough as it is) but on the other hand I hate my hair to feel stripped and dehydrated.


The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the consistency of it. This is possibly the most watery/liquified shampoo I’ve ever tried which although to some people might be annoying, actually works really well for me! Personally, I find shampoos with this consistency much easier to work with as having thick hair can mean that it’s easy to miss places and leave them not cleansed. This is an absolute nightmare as I’m constantly wondering why the underneath and sides of my hair sometimes look unwashed right away and the reason for that? They literally haven’t been washed at all. A watery consistency means that its easy for the product to seep right through the lion mane and get to each and every strand which results in super clean, fresh hair.

I also love the scent of this shampoo (well actually, every product I tried!) as it smells clean, fresh and spa-like. Reading the ingredients, I’m pretty sure it contains menthol and rosemary – both very refreshing scents.

Hair Growth Conditioner 250ml – £9.99

I’ve recently fallen out of love with conditioner a little bit which I know, I know – it’s pretty bad of me! However, I’ve only been conditioner the very ends of my hair as I find that so many conditioners on the market are far too heavy for me and although my scalp is naturally extremely dry, my roots are actually really oily. For this reason, I was quite sceptical of this product. I dunno, I guess it’s because it says ‘hair growth’ which instantly makes me think that it will contain a lot of ingredients and substance and therefore have a heavy feeling consistency but boy was I wrong. I actually really really like this product.


Again, it has that signature scent as I mentioned above which is of course heavenly and as conditioners go, you literally need the tiniest bit. As opposed to the shampoo which is a very thin consistency, this conditioner is a thick texture but with a lightweight feel.

As normal, I’ve been using this mainly on the ends of my hair but have been running any excess product from my hands into my mid lengths and it’s left my hair so smooth and feeling so much stronger already.

Intensive Spray 125ml – £14.99

This was the product that I was most excited to try out and I’m in love with it already! I never ever expected to be this impressed with a root treatment as again, it was something I was quite sceptical about. The thought of putting product into my roots has always scared me a little (probably because my roots are naturally so oily) but I used this product with an open mind and ended up falling hard for it.


This product is so easy to use which probably makes me like it even more because I’m always so busy that I don’t have time to be faffing about with loads of different hair care products. I always like products that you just put in and leave and this one is exactly that. You spray this into your roots, massage into your scalp lightly and leave it. Simple as that.

Already my hair feels stronger and i’ver actually noticed my hair breaking off less than normal. Ordinarily, I brush my hair and end up with a massive clump of hair on the floor inform of me. Since using this spray, don’t get that anywhere near as much as normal so I’m actually really impressed with it.

I’ve so far used all three of these products about 4 times and can honestly say, they’re well worth picking up if you’re near a Superdrug anytime soon. I know quite a few people I’ll be recommending these products to directly (Marta if you’re reading this, I’m aiming that comment at you!) but I do really think everybody will find a product that works for them that they will love equally as much as I do.

If you’ve tried anything from Roots Double Effect then do let me know in the comments section below! Also pop any questions in there too as I’ll the happy to answer any that you may have.

Thank you so much for reading!

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