How To Grow Your Blog In 2019 – Top 5 Tips For Fighting The Algorithm – Georgia Phelps Beauty

As we all know, growing a blog and any form of social media network in todays day and age is HARD work. I swear every platform under the sun makes it near impossible to become successful by forcing algorithms in our faces, hiding our content from the majority of our followers and allowing god knows how many follow/unfollow accounts that all annoy the hell out of us. Its generally just a tough game out there and youve gotta be on top form and doing everything you possibly can to ensure your name and face gets out there.

Ive had my blog for over 3 years now and along with that, my Instagram account too. Over the years Ive learnt an awful lot about what and what not to do so I thought Id create a post sharing the things Ive learnt from those learning curves, in the hope that it may help somebody out along the way.

Find Your Own Unique Style

Having your own style is so important for both a blog and any social media account. By that I dont mean a theme because those dont work for everybody and theres nothing wrong with that. For me personally, a specific theme on my Instagram just doesnt work due to the type of content that I create.

I do however, have a style that is unique to me and the way I publish my work. My writing style is extremely relaxed, chatty and chilled. Most people say that reading my blog can be just like sitting and having a conversation with me and I absolutely love that! Structured, robotic type posts just arent for me and Im not personally a fan of them so it would never make sense for me to create content in that style.

Only create content that youd enjoy reading because whats the point if you dont enjoy it too?

Be Consistent With Uploading 

Consistency is key! If you leave it months on end without uploading anything, your DA score (domain authority score - basically the score of how likely your content is to show up on search engines) will drop and its not an easy number to grow. Its taken me a long time to realise how important this score is and Im now trying my absolute best to have consistency on my blog.

I also try my best to upload daily on both my Instagram feed, Instagram stories and Twitter. Consistency keeps your audience interested and gives them a reason to return to your blog/social media.

Engage, Engage & Engage Some More 

People comment on/like your content for a reason and thats because they want to show it some love! Be grateful of that. A quick message back to say thank you, reply to their comment and engage with what theyre saying. They follow you and support your content so be encouraging of it in a time when its most difficult to have that consistently.

The same goes for how you view others content. Be engaging with the people who you follow, those who appear on your home page and those who interest you. Engagement on social media and blog platforms helps to improve the algorithm and the more interactive you are with your followers, the more your content will be displayed and shared with others.

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Work 

Youve taken the time to write up that post, edit that photo, think of that caption so now is the time to shout about it. Twitter is a great place to share your blog posts as theres a whole array of accounts that help us little bloggers out by retweeting and engaging with our content.

Here are just a few of the ones that I love:






By sharing your content and tagging these accounts, they will help to support your account and share your work with the world.

Plan & Schedule 

If an idea springs to mind for a post, write it down and plan it thoroughly. Know exactly what you want to write about, what order and the style youre going to present it in. The more you plan, the easier it is when you get writers block as youll have a backlog of ideas to run with.

When you get a chance to sit down and write, create several posts and schedule them for the upcoming weeks. This means that when life does its typical thing of getting a little bit mental and out of hand, if you dont have time to sit down and create new content, youve got scheduled posts at the ready to rely on. I tend to create a fortnight worth of posts in one go and time them to go live at different intervals.

Blogging in 2019 is a bloody hard job so I hope that these tips have helped a few of you! if you have any questions feel free to pop them below and Ill answer them as quickly as I can.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope youve enjoyed todays post.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x