Why I’ve Switched Up My Fragrance Game – An Insight Into FM World

Ever since finally getting to the end of my 7 year battle with migraines about 6 weeks ago, I’ve suddenly delved into the world of fragrances and it’s so much more exciting than I ever anticipated. For so many years, I’ve been unable to or worried to wear the majority of fragrances because they were a massive trigger for my migraines and the unbearable pain that came with it just wasn’t worth smelling extra nice for. Now however, I’m wearing fragrances left, right and centre and I absolutely LOVE it!

I found a favourite perfume almost right away and was obsessed with the scent from the get go. This beauty is the oh so famous Si, from Giorgio Armani. If you’re not familiar with this scent, I’ll do my best to explain it for you because unfortunately, I can’t post a scent through this blog post (although I really wish that was possible!) and hopefully you can picture just how beautiful it is. With top notes of mandarin and blackcurrant for an energetic punch, neroli essential oil and rose for a light flourish and vanilla and white musk for added elegance and sensuality. This perfume is just stunning.

However, as stunning as it may be, because I’m really not used to splashing out on perfumes the £74+ price point really puts me off and for that reason alone, Armani Si isn’t part of my collection.

FM World

When the lovely Dixie reached out to me on Instagram last month (you can find her here or by searching @dixie.spritz) to tell me that she works for a company called FM World who create fragrances that smell EXACTLY like those expensive ones we all have our eyes on, but don’t come in the same bottles, I was so excited. Let’s all be honest with ourselves here, it’s the brand and bottle that we’re basically paying for, right? and honestly, I couldn’t give a damn what the bottle looks like or if there’s a specific ‘name’ on that bottle. I’m not a materialistic person in the slightest and as long as I’m smelling pretty, I couldn’t care about if it’s ‘designer’ or not.

What scents are available?

I spoke with Dixie about what fragrances were available and she kindly sent me over a list of both women’s and men’s which I’ll attach below. The choices are outstanding and I honestly couldn’t believe just how much of a range there is.

I was over the moon when I saw that there was an FM World version of Armani Si (called FM362) and asked Dixie if I could give it a try. She also kindly let me select 3 other fragrances that she would send me some samples of. I chose Blooming Bouquet from Dior (FM810), Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf (FM20) and Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel (FM18.)

How are the fragrances the same if they’re not branded?

All of the ingredients that are put into FM World fragrances come from the DROM factory in Germany which is the same place that most premium brands come from. Therefore, FM World have access to the same base scents as all of these designer brands along with their own expert teams at PERFAND in Poland where they work to create and perfect their fragrances.

The perfumes and aftershaves that FM World create actually have a higher quality than the original inspiration which completely blew my mind. This is all simply down the fragrance concentration and the amount of pure ingredients that they put into their bottles. For instance, all FM World fragrances have AT LEAST 16% essence concentration and some luxury scents contain as much as 20-30% parfum.

You may be wondering how this is affordable and even possible for the brand, how they make profit etc and it’s all pretty simple. Huge designer brands invest millions into advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements, department store partnerships, television networks etc whereas FM World are purely word of mouth, online business men/women (just like Dixie) and social media influencers. Personally, I love this concept! Smaller businesses are in my opinion, much more worth my time and investment and therefore I will always look to back them and where possible, share the love for them (only if I actually love them of course!) so I’m super excited to be working with Dixie and FM World.

If you’re interested in trying out these beautiful fragrances, get in touch with Dixie (I’ve linked her account above incase you missed it) and give them a whirl. In the meantime, feel free to send any questions my way in the comments section below!

As always, love and lots of lipstick,

Georgia x

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