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Happy Sunday you wonderful bunch and happy March too!

It’s been an exciting start to 2019 with Pixi already being incredibly generous and sending the most beautiful PR packages imaginable. When the entire rose infused collection landed through my door last month in the cutest little travel bag, I couldn’t wait to begin using everything and get started writing up this review.

Delving into Pixi products last year completely changed my skincare routine and my face has been thanking me for it ever since. This collection is something that I’ve been so excited to try since I fell in love with the Rose Tonic several months ago.

I thought it would be great to share my full skincare routine (using this full collection) with you guys to show you exactly how I use each and every product and what I love about them individually.


Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths – £10.00

I’ve never personally been a fan of make-up ‘wipes’ but these cleansing cloths have really impressed me. They’re great to use if you want to gently remove your make-up before going in with your proper facial wash which I find, then makes the cleansing stage much quicker and easier overall. For the low price of £10, these little cloths are ideal for taking on the go, chucking in your handbag or keeping on your bedside table for a quick freshen up.


Rose Cream Cleanser – £18.00

This product very quickly became one of my favourites within the collection. The squeeze-friendly tube makes it super easy to dispense exactly the right amount of product you desire and the packaging is as expected, beautiful. As for the product inside, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. This cleanser removes make-up without leaving your skin feel tight or stripped and smells lovely too! A tiny bit goes a long way so this tube will last me ages and is definitely worth the £18 price point.


Rose Tonic – £10.00 (for travel size)

I’ve been using this toner for a little while now (since Pixi kindly gifted me the full tonic collection last year to be precise) and I still absolutely love it. Designed to calm skin and minimise redness, I’ve found this little gem particularly useful during the winter months when the weather has been slightly more harsh on my skin causing my red cheeks to make a comeback. The Rose Tonic gently tones the skin whilst calming and soothing those aggravated areas.


Rose Caviar Essence – £26.00

At first look of this product I was slightly baffled as to what it was but after doing a bit of research into it’s benefits and uses, I realised that actually this would be the perfect product for me. This Rose Caviar Essence is essentially, a serum, a product that I use religiously and swear by on a daily basis. Delicate flower oils are suspended within the serum formula which gives it’s beautiful appearance and also helps to nourish and deeply hydrate thirsty and dull skin. It restores brightness into the skin instantly and leaves a soft, supple finish.


Rose Flash Balm – £26.00

As soon as a product has the word ‘flash’ in the title, I’m automatically interested and want to know more so as soon as this product arrives through my door, I began my research into exactly what its designed to do. This 3-in-1 oil-free cream is perfect for a quick-fix mask or to prep skin before makeup application. It’s multi-use formula makes it a great product to keep handy on your dressing table or in your travel bag too.


Rose Ceramide Cream – £24.00

I’d previously seen fellow bloggers and influencers posting about this cream on Instagram so I’ve always been a little intrigued as to if it was worth it’s hype. After a few weeks of using it I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the texture and softness of my skin. Infused with Ceramides, anti-oxidants and Rose Oil, this cream is ideal for deep hydration, nourishment and protecting against environmental aggressors. I particularly love this cream for during the night as it’s rich formula works itself into my skin beautifully whilst I sleep.


Rose Oil Blend – £26.00

I’ve already briefly shared my thoughts on this facial oil over on my Instagram before writing and publishing this post simply because it’s well and truly stolen my heart and is now a part of my everyday skincare routine both morning and night. The Rose Oil Blend is perfect for that extra level of nourishment on super dehydrated skin and leaves you feeling silky soft and super hydrated. I swear by this product and will definitely be repurchasing it when it comes to an end.


Rose Glow Mist – £16.00

I’m a real sucker for a decent setting spray and love adding them to my collection, especially when the word ‘glow’ is involved because as we all know, being a glowy hot mess is my absolute favourite. This setting and hydrating mist smells beautiful, has the perfect spritz to ensure that you don’t end up drenched and leaves your skin glowing in the most subtle yet stunning way possible.

Overall, I absolutely love the entire rose collection from Pixi and I’m blown away by so many of the products! Due to having such a massive skincare collection already, it takes a lot for a product to impress me and make it’s way into my everyday routine so to see so many of these products doing so, I’m so pleased and can’t wait to continue using them.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s skincare post! Any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be sure to get back to you shortly.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x