Blogmas ~ DAY 7 ~ A Cosy Winter Night In

As the mornings get colder and the evenings get darker, it’s clearer than ever that Winter has engulfed us and Summer is far gone. To me, Winter isn’t complete without cosy nights in, Netflix and takeaways. Without a doubt, this is my favourite way to spend any evening in December.

I’m the type of person who gets stressed and worked up very easily so it’s essential that I take moments like this to spend my evenings unwinding, relaxing and taking care of myself. With Christmas creeping up, December can be one of the most mentally exhausting times of the whole year so it’s important to look out for yourself. Here are a few of my top tips for the perfect cosy night in.

Run Yourself A Hot Bubble Bath 

Let’s be honest, is there anything better than getting home from work and sinking into a hot bath filled with fluffy bubbles? I think not. Relaxing in the bath has to be one of my favourite ways to unwind and it’s an essential if you’re having a cosy night in.

No bath is complete without a Lush bathbomb (my personal favourite is Lord Of Misrule) and a mountain of bubbles (I normally use the Stress Relief Radox for this.)

I normally have my current favourite playlist on in the background or read a book as both help me to de-stress.

Put On Your Favourite Fluffy Pyjamas

There’s nothing quite like getting into your favourite pair of fluffy pyjamas when they’re fresh off of the radiator. Admittedly, most of mine are Disney themed so I wouldn’t let many people witness me wearing them and looking undoubtedly hilarious but they’re comfy as hell nonetheless.

Let’s not forget the fluffy socks too. No set of pyjamas is complete without the fluffiest pair of warm socks. I personally find that the best place to find these is Primark. Cheap and cheerful!

Light Your Candles & Switch On Your Fairy Lights

My room is beginning to look a little more festive now that it’s decorated with fairy lights and Christmas themed candles. There’s something so relaxing about curling up in bed surrounded by little flickering lights and the smell of pine filling the room.

My favourite place to buy candles is Yankee Candle as they last for such a long time, have a huge range of scents and they fill any room beautifully.

Put On Your Favourite Face Mask 

You can’t have a pamper evening without a face mask. It’s like an unwritten rule that everybody must abide by. I’ve got a full post about face masks coming up on Blogmas day 11 so keep your eyes peeled for that but here are just a few of my current favourites.

I’ve linked all masks above so feel free to have a little look into them before I upload full reviews.

Order Your Favourite Takeaway

A takeaway on a cosy night-in is absolutely essential and anybody that says otherwise seriously needs to re-evaluate. There’s nothing better, really.

My takeaway of choice is Chinese because I’m so obsessed with sweet and sour chicken balls it’s a joke. However recently I’ve been loving Dominos that little bit more so it seems to be my go-to for now.

Plus, Dominos always have such good offers on its impossible to resist (especially when there are cookies in the meal deal!)

Curl Up In Bed & Watch Your Favourite Netflix Show/Film

I binge watch Netflix on a daily basis so quite frankly, it’ll be rude not to include it in my Cosy night in essentials list.

I’ve not long finished watching The Sinner (I highly recommend it!) so I’m now working my way through all of the Christmas films that have recently been added on there. However if you have any series recommendations, pop them in the comments section below! I’ll always appreciate a decent Netflix recommendation.

That pretty much sums up my ideal cosy night in! I can’t wait to spend countless evenings throughout the rest of December doing exactly this and feeling completely de-stressed and chilled out.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post!

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x

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