Blogmas ~ DAY 2 ~ Re-discovered Favourites – Products That I’ve Fallen Back In Love With

A few weeks back I was sat on my bed ready to grab my everyday make-up bag and put my face on when it suddenly dawned on me that I’m literally using the same products every day despite the fact that I’ve got a mountain of make-up on my dressing table. That morning, I decided to do my make-up using products that I don’t normally use and ended up falling back in love with so many incredible products that I’ve ignored for far too long.

This sparked a blog post idea in my busy little brain so here we are with said blog post – I hope you enjoy it!

Loreal Lumi Magique Concealer 

This was a favourite concealer of mine years ago and I’d completely forgotten it even existed! I’m pretty sure it’s being or has already been discontinued and I stocked up which meant that I found two brand new ones when searching for some different products on my dressing table. Rediscovered and now I’m obsessed again. This concealer is very lightweight and fresh whilst giving a light-medium, natural coverage. Find this product here.

Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

I remember buying this and thinking ‘I’ll do a review on this because it seems interesting’ and never got around to it! I used it once before with another product and kind of just forgot about it I guess. Nowadays I only use powder on my brows (rather than a wax beforehand) and decided to give this one a whirl. The soft, flexible tip means for precise and easy application. The powder is highly pigmented and stays put just as well as all others I’ve tried. Find this product here.

No 7 Lash Impact Mascara

I somehow literally have about 4 of this particular mascara in different styles of packaging and I’d never even tried it! I’m now completely obsessed with it and can’t stop using it. It lifts my lashes to make them appear super curled and it makes them so fluffy too! I can’t believe a mascara this good as been sat in my collection quietly collecting dust for such a long time. Find this product here.

Clarins Double Serum

I can’t actually believe I ever stopped using this stuff! A few months ago this was my favourite skincare item within my collection and somehow during the move from my old room into my new one, it got shoved to the back of my serum and shelf and was sadly forgotten about. It’s now been moved straight back to the front and is used on a daily basis once again.

This serum is a dual chambered formula that leaves your skin feeling super hydrated, smoothed, plumped and unbelievably refreshed. It also smells like an absolute dream. You can find this serum here.

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Peach Diamond

For some reason I always naturally reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills or Tarte highlighters and my high street little diamonds often go forgotten about. After using this highlighter the other day, I feel incredibly guilty that I’ve gone so long without using it. This finely milled powder makes me glow to the Gods and bounces the most beautiful pinky toned glow from my cheekbones. I’m obsessed. You can find this affordable hidden gem here.

That’s it for oldie but goodie products that I’ve recently brought back into my regular routine! I’m feeling so guilty for neglecting them for such a long time but so glad to be using them again.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

Love & Lipstick,

Georgia x

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  1. I am so bad for using the same products every day and forgotten about all my other makeup. I need to mix up my makeup routine more often Xx


    1. You definitely should! It certainly helps to use up all of those forgotten products! x

      Liked by 1 person

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