The Beauty Belle Barn – My Go-To Girl For All Beauty Treatments In Bristol

With Summer rapidly approaching, beauty treatments have become an important part of my monthly ‘love yourself’ routine. That’s right, I’ve gone from just having a set of acrylic nails done every few weeks to having lash lifts, brow waxes, tints and facials. At the end of the day, it’s important to take the time to love yourself a little and having those little pampering ‘pick me up’ treatments are perfect for this. I’m a fussy one when it comes to who I let loose with my eyebrows so for me to find somebody who now does ALL treatments for me, says a lot.

Phoebe Edenborough, the owner of The Beauty Belle Barn is the only girl I will ever allow free reign on my eyebrows and lashes. Every single treatment I have received from Phoebe has been exceptional and I couldn’t recommend her services more. She’s also started her incredible business completely from scratch and anybody who does this, gets 100% of my support and business as I know how tough it is to do this. I’m also all for supporting independent businesses and when results are as outstanding as those I receive from Phoebe, everybody should know about it. I’ve recommended her to other friends and the treatments that she has given them also have incredible results.

Lash lifting:

An LVL treatment is designed to enhance the length, volume and lift of ones natural lashes. No extensions or falsies included, this treatment just enhances and brings out the beauty of your natural lashes. Personally, my lashes are super long and thick already but annoyingly, poker straight. I used to have to curl my lashes several times every morning in order for my mascara to look half decent and not have droopy lashes by midday. Of course, doing this continually over a long period of time can be pretty damaging to your lashes and cause strain on the root of the lash – yep, not ideal. I’ve always wanted curled and fluffy lashes so booked in with Phoebe to have a lash lift done.

The effects of a lash lift last for approximately 8 weeks (can sometimes vary based on your lashes) and for only £30, is now an essential pampering treatment for me. The lashes are lifted and permed to appear more curled and show the natural length of them. They are also tinted to enhance the colour and create the appearance of fuller and thicker lashes.

For at least a week after my treatment, I didn’t have to wear any mascara whatsoever as my lashes were jet black and thicker than ever. 5 weeks down the line and I still wear minimal mascara as my lashes still look incredible. No falsies needed on a night-out either – perfect!


Brow Waxing:

I’ve had my brows waxed, threaded and tweezed by more people than I can possibly remember over the past few years. I’ve pretty much always been happy with the results give or take a few times where the odd person completely destroyed them. Most of the time, I was content with how they turned out.

After Phoebe waxed my brows a few weeks back and I looked in the mirror I was in complete awe. My eyebrows have never looked so sharp and perfect. I was in love.

My eyebrows can be tricky to say the least and most people struggle to get them right. Normally, beauticians create a shape that is ‘okay’ and just that. Phoebe perfected them and made sure they were exactly right. She waxed them with such precision that for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t had to bother with any brow products whatsoever! It’s been a God send. My brows grow back super fast (I swear i’m half monkey) and I normally have to get them done every 2-3 weeks so she’s going to be waxing my brows on a regular basis from now on. Now I’ve fallen in love with all treatments she won’t be able to get rid of me.

Her work is incredible and her duty of care is spot on. She continually makes you feel relaxed, content and happy with your treatment regardless of which one you go for and her friendly but gentle manner is lovely. Complimenting her professional manner, The Beauty Belle Barn where Phoebe completes all treatments has a homely and comfortable feel to it and you instantly feel at ease and relaxed the second you step foot inside.

Phoebe offers a wide range of treatments of which I will attach below incase you’re curious. For prices and enquiries, make sure to follow her on social media which I will also link below.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Also a massive thank you to the lovely Phoebe for always making me feel like a princess and pampering me so well.

Until next time,

Georgia x

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