Getting A Butt Tattoo – What’s It Really Like?


Rose tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to express yourself. Whether its a single rose with thorns or a cluster of blooms, butt tattoos featuring roses can make for an eye-catching body art. Tattooing the butt is becoming increasingly popular, and rose butt tattoos are some of the most sought after designs. With the right care, rose butt tattoos can remain vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

History of my butt tattoo

Happy Sunday all! Its been an okay week here in Bristol with the sun finally showing its face ever so slightly and the blue skies peeking through every now and again. Spring, is that you? I bloody hope so because I cant cope with anymore cold!

I decided to write this post after I joked around with a friend and said Id blog about it and they said that it was actually a really good idea. Ive also received quite a few messages asking questions on social media so I thought I may as well write about my experience of getting my bum well and truly inked a few months ago. n

So firstly, why did I decide to have it done?

Well, its quite simple really. A ass tattoos is something that Ive wanted for as long as Ive been interested in sexy tattoo. Much like all of my other tattoos, its easily coverable so more often than not, its impossible to know I have any tattoos (dependant on what I wear of course) but this one will be covered at all times unless Im on the beach in a bikini!

Why did I pick the design I have?

I went for a black and white, dot work floral design to match the tattoo that I already have on the same side on my arm. I love floral tattoos as theyre feminine, pretty and can have tonnes of detail too.


How long did it take?

I was in the chair (technically led on the bed) for a whopping 8 hours and 45 minutes and did so in one sitting. Out of all my tattoos, this one took the longest but was well worth it.


How was the pain?

I feel like so many people tell fibs with this question but Ill always be 100% honest when people ask this. Its the question I asked others beforehand the most so in my opinion, honesty is definitely the best policy. It was absolute agony. Undoubtedly, the most painful thing Ive ever experienced in my whole 22 years of life but Im so glad I saw it through.

The worst pain was towards the final 3 hours when the needle was going over skin that was already tattooed and really damn angry. During these hours I swore a hell of a lot.

Best coping methods?

Sugar and carbs will be your best friend. I was right at the start of my no-carb diet but had no choice but to give in and eat something carby for lunch. Otherwise, Im sure I wouldnt have been able to sit through the whole almost 9 hours. I also made my way through several bags of sweets and bottles of Pepsi during the day.

Its important to find a reputable tattoo artist when creating a butt tattoo, as there is more risk of infection due to the body parts location near sensitive areas. Make sure you do your research beforehand and read customer reviews about the tattoo artist to ensure your butt tattoo is created in a clean and safe environment.

How to heal a butt tattoo?

Im quite lucky in the sense that I heal pretty quickly when it comes to tattoos and piercings. However, its SO important that you follow your tattooists instructions for aftercare and look after your tattoo properly during the healing process.

Keep it well moisturised at all times. Your tattooist will recommend the best product for this so dont just use any old thing! Many products can damage the tattoo and cause infections so listen to recommendations from your artist carefully. I always use The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E which you can find here.  Its super hydrating, easy to use and is paraben free.

It WILL become itchy whilst its healing but whatever you do, DONT give in to the urge to scratch it. By doing this, you will damage the tattoo and pull off the scabbing process which will cause not only loss of colour/ink but also create a risk of infection. If its itchy, its not moisturised enough so add more cream as soon as possible.

As I said before, follow the instructions from your artist religiously and youll be absolutely fine. This particular tattoo took just under 2 weeks to fully heal.


Who was my tattooist?

For all dot work designs, I always go to the same artist. Terr Whitfield who Ive known for years has done 3 out of 4 of my tattoos and I wouldnt go to anyone else for any dot work. Hes based in Surrealistic Sanctuary, an incredible studio in Cardiff. You can find the studios Facebook page here.


Thats all I have to tell you about the process of having your butt cheek tattooed so I hope this post has been helpful to anybody who had any queries! As always, feel free to leave any questions in the comments section if theres anything you need to know that I havent answered already.

Small Butt Tattoo Ideas For Females

A rose tattoo on your ass can make the perfect statement. Its stylish, unique, and sure to draw attention. Whether you opt for a bold design or something more subtle, adding this classic symbol of beauty and love to your body can be a meaningful way to express yourself.

When choosing a new tattoo, its important to have a design that is small enough to fit on your butt. Tattoos in tight clothing can be seen more easily, so its best to choose something that wont draw too much attention. Additionally, due to the nerve endings on your behind, make sure you find an experienced artist who can create a piece that wont cause too much discomfort.

Ultimately, when it comes to butt tattoos, the possibilities are endless. With a little bit of creativity and research, you can find the perfect small design for your new ink. Whether its an elegant rose or something more creative, make sure to choose a design that truly speaks to you.

Tattoos on the butt are extremely popular and can represent a lot of different things. For example, the butterfly can represent beauty, freedom, or transformation, and it can also be a symbol of good luck or happiness. The color of the butterfly can have special meanings, too. Blue, for example, is associated with luck and happiness. Yellow, on the other hand, can mean happiness. Other popular designs include the bee, snake, and moth. The moth, on the other hand, is nocturnal and is associated with death.

Female cute butt tattoes can be large and bold, or small and hidden. Some celebrities and models have tattoos on their butts, and it can be a unique way to show off your feminine side. Butt tattoos are fun and expressive, and they can be any size and style. However, they should be kept in mind that the tattoo is permanent. Before choosing the right design, check out the meaning of the tattoo.

They’re a personal canvas

Small bum tattoos are a great choice for those looking for a discreet, yet unique design. The butt is an excellent canvas for a tattoo, and the numerous designs available can be interpreted in any style. Choosing a design can be intimidating, but the diversity of small bum tattoo ideas makes it easy to find a design that fits your personality and body type.

Thank you so much for reading!