BLOGMAS DAY 12 – How I’m Finding Blogmas So Far

Evening folks! Tonight is a late one as I’ve been working a lot recently (retail is hella crazy at Christmas time) and I stupidly forgot to finish and schedule a post for today’s Blogmas – apologies for that and the fact it’s going live at 11pm!

I thought that for today’s post I would write a little update and review of how I’ve been finding Blogmas so far as a few people have asked me how it’s going and a few have even questioned how I’ve managed to persevere thus far.


To be honest, it’s challenging. Without a doubt the most challenging thing I’ve decided to take on blog-wise and not the most ideal time for it either. Of course, it has to be around Christmas as it’s bloody Blogmas for goodness sake but when you do work in retail around Christmas and you’re juggling that full-time along with a blog post every day, it takes it’s toll and very quickly you’re becoming burned out which probably explains why I’d forgotten this post. The store I work in is now open until 9pm (hence why this one is going up at 11pm as I’ve only just got home) so it’s long days, dark evenings and sleepy blog posts being written.


The first weeks’ worth of posts were pre-written, scheduled and planned but I’ve not had another day yet where I’ve been not busy to just sit down and smash out writing another weeks’ worth. For now I’m just trying to write the odd few here and there to keep it updated and hassle-free but the closer it gets to Christmas, the harder this becomes.

Overall however, I’m really enjoying taking on the task of Blogmas! Aside from the stressy bits here and there and the odd last minute posts, it’s fun to create different content each day.

My little blog has been getting quite a lot of love from new followers and readers – it’s so appreciated and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed so thank you to all of you that read my posts and show them love and attention. I hope you’re all enjoying the posts so far and continue to enjoy them throughout the remainder of December.


Thank you once again and don’t forget to give my blog a follow and like this post if you want to see and read more content from me in the future.

Until next time,

Georgia x

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