BLOGMAS DAY 7 – December Bucket List – 20 Things I Aim To Do This December

Bucket lists have always intrigued me and although I’m not quite prepared to create one for my whole life just yet, I’m fully ready to take on a December one. After all, December is a busy month full of events, activities and general chaos so I may as well add a few of those things onto my to-do list.

Some of these things will be traditional and tasks/activities that I do every single December and some will be things that I may have wanted or tried to do in the past but haven’t quite found the time or energy to do. None the less, here’s my December Bucket List.

  1. Actually spend a good amount of time looking around the Bristol Christmas Market: In the past I’ve strolled past and had a light browse but not spent a decent amount of time properly looking
  2. Buy a new Christmas Jumper: In all honesty, mine isn’t exactly a Christmas jumper (it just has a penguin on it) and it’s WAY too small for me now as I’ve worn it on every ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ since I was about 16
  3. Complete Blogmas: It’s something I’ve had planned since I first started taking blogging seriously and want to challenge myself to complete it
  4. Buy a Christmas bedding set and make my bedroom feel all festive with cute little decorations: This is such a cliche blogger thing to do but it looks so cosy
  5. Visit either the Cardiff or Gloucester Christmas Market: I’ve been to the Gloucester one before and absolutely loved it
  6. Clear out things I don’t need before the big day comes around to make space for new goodies: I quite frankly have too much damn stuff
  7. Give out Christmas cards to the homeless people around Bristol: It upsets me to think that they spend Christmas Day alone so I’d like to make a small gesture to show I’ll be thinking of them
  8. A few days before Christmas, visit my Dad’s and Grandad’s grave with flowers to wish them a Merry Christmas: I don’t visit them often enough and feel that at this time of year it’s more important than ever
  9. Complete a Christmas themed puzzle: Puzzles are my guilty pleasure and they relax me when I’m stressed or have a lot going on
  10. Attend a Christmas light switch-on event: I’ve never been to one and they look so cute!
  11. Find the time amongst the Christmas chaos to spend time with my sister and friends: Plan lunch, days out, coffee dates because ‘I’m busy’ doesn’t cut it
  12. Buy an outfit to wear on Christmas Day: My sister and I did this last year, chose sparkly dresses and felt super festive
  13. Buy Christmas presents for all of my kitties: My step-dad jokes about this every year but I genuinely feel sorry for them not having gifts like us on Christmas morning
  14. Call/message family members that I don’t speak to frequently: Wish them a Merry Christmas
  15. Watch at least 5 Christmas films: Including Love Actually because this is family tradition
  16. Try every festive hot chocolate that coffee shops have to offer: I don’t drink tea or coffee so it’s just the caramel and fudge hot chocolates for me
  17. Spend an evening at the Christmas Market eating German hotdogs and churros and drinking hot chocolate: I’ve never done this before but everybody I know has so it’s a must!
  18. Show other bloggers tonnes of appreciation for their Christmas blog posts: It’s possibly the most challenging and time consuming thing I’ve done on here and they deserve all the recognition and praise in the world for participating too
  19. Find the time to still pamper myself and unwind: It’s far too easy to get caught up in so much during the month of December but it’s important not to burn yourself out
  20. Hold an event for my birthday: I never normally find the time to celebrate my birthday with friends properly due to it being so close to Christmas (December 16th) but this year it’s a must

That’s it for my December Bucket List. Let’s hope I actually manage to complete it! I’ll try and get a blog post written in the new year to let you all know if I completed each task.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and you’re getting into the Christmas spirit like me.

Until next time,

Georgia x

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