BLOGMAS DAY 1 – Christmas Gift Guide

I wanted to start this month of blogging off with a fun one so thought I’d create a Christmas gift guide to help those of you who are unsure of what to buy this year.

Of course, I’ve not been out and bought everything this year as quite frankly, I just aint got the funds for that. However, a few of these gifts were from last Christmas but have been relaunched in a very similar way this year.

To a certain extent, I do actually enjoy Christmas shopping. I love giving gifts and picking out presents that I think people close to me will love. I enjoy wrapping them up in tartan print paper whilst eating shortbread and listening to Christmas songs. It’s like a happy little tradition of mine. Let’s be real though, we’ve all been completely clueless in the past with what to buy certain people and it drives you mad. This is where hopefully my little guide will come in. It’ll either help you decide what to buy somebody else or will help you decide what to put on your own Wishlist.

Dior Fragrance

Personally, my favourite brand for fragrance is Dior. Yes, they’re a little on the pricey side but well worth the investment and a beautiful gift for anybody. Despite the fact I suffer with migraines and struggle to wear most fragrances, Dior have several scents that I’m okay with. Also, every Dior consultant that I’ve ever come across are absolutely perfect at helping you choose the fragrance that is just right. With a head full of knowledge about ingredients, heritage, history and everything Dior, they will help you find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Let’s not forget that Dior provide the most beautiful gift wrapping. Pristine white boxes with delicate tissue paper wrapping inside and a perfect bow to finish it all off.


Jo Malone

What screams luxury more than a Jo Malone product? Whether it be a candle, bath product, fragrance or body cream; Jo Malone is a simply exquisite brand that oozes class and elegance. I know that the second I pour even one drop of Blackberry and Bay bath oil into the tub, I’m taken into a different dimension of relaxation.

Again, Jo Malone is a higher price point brand but well worth it if you have somebody to buy for that you really want to treat. My personal favourites are the bath oils and the hand and body washes – these both make the perfect pair.

Plus, there are so many different scents to choose from that there will be something for everybody. I have different scents for different days and moods so make sure you know exactly what type of scent you’re after (e.g spicy, fruity, fresh etc) before heading to your nearest Jo Malone counter.


Spectrum Collection Brushes

Incase you missed the memo, one of the biggest crazes within the beauty industry at the moment is anything mermaid/unicorn inspired. To be honest I don’t think it’s just the beauty industry but actually the whole world in general. Stepping into Primark for a pair of socks is a dangerous game if you like anything sparkly or pastel coloured because you’ll leave feeling like the Little Mermaid and you would have forgotten the God Damn socks.

Spectrum Collections are without a doubt my favourite make-up brush brand on the market and despite the fact I already have so many, I want so many more. The term ‘addicted’ doesn’t even come close.

I feel that every make-up fanatic needs at least one Spectrum brush in their collection so whether you choose to purchase one singularly or purchase a whole set, whoever you’re buying for is sure to appreciate it.

Personally, my favourite set is from the Mean Girls collection which you can find my full review of here.


Boux Avenue Pyjamas In A Bag

It’s a tradition for me to receive a new set of pyjamas every Christmas. Normally from either my mum, grandparents or boyfriend; I’m always spoilt when it comes to cosy nightwear. My favourite pyjamas are always from Boux Avenue and over the past 4 years, I’ve not once been disappointed.

Their pyjama sets are packaged into their own cute little fabric bags and folded perfectly, taking a lot of work off of your hands. Don’t you just hate it when you buy clothing for somebody and have to spend ages folding it perfectly to then try and wrap neatly? Boux Avenue have got you covered and make gift buying and wrapping so easy.

Every year they’ve also offered a ‘buy one get one free’ offer with their pyjama sets so this is perfect if you have several people to buy for (including yourself of course!) and want to get the job done quickly and easily.


Yankee Candles

Call it cliche but I love receiving candles at Christmas. Especially slightly more pricey ones like Yankee Candle that you ordinarily wouldn’t always purchase yourself. To me, £20+ for a candle is extortionate and there are many other things that I would rather be spending that money on so receiving them as a gift is the perfect scenario.

There is honestly a Yankee Candle out there for absolutely everybody whether the person you’re buying for likes fruity scents, fresh scents, floral tones or a spicy twist; they’re sure to have you covered. Yankee Candle also offer their candles in so many different sizes and formulas ranging from small to large jars, tea lights, votives and even wax melts. There’s something for every price range whether it be big or small.


That’s it for my Christmas gift guide! I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and got a little inspiration from it too.

Thank you so much for reading and make sure to give my blog a follow if you did and ‘like’ this post too.

Until next time,

Georgia x






One Comment Add yours

  1. Emily-May says:

    I always have new pjs for Christmas too, paired with a new movie and Christmas Yankee candle with out fail! I absolutely love them!
    Such a good little gift guide AND you helped me remember my mum needs her Jo Malone replaced 👌🏼

    Emily-May x


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