Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7 Day Tanner – First Impressions


Did somebody say rose gold tan? Hell yeah they did.

Anybody who knows me well knows how much I’m completely obsessed with anything rose gold. From my make-up brushes to my MacBook and headphones, everything has to be that beautiful metallic pink shade. When I heard that my favourite tanning brand Skinny Tan were launching a rose gold tanner, I knew that I needed it in my life instantly. Skinny Tan were as the always are, so incredibly lovely and generous and sent me a little goodie box in the post including the newbie and a few other bits too.


Aside from this tan being rose gold, what else is so great about it? Well, this tan was created in support of the fantastic charity Marie Curie. £2 of every tan sold goes to this charity who work to care for and support those with terminal illnesses. It’s a lovely charity for them to support and if you’re a fake tan guy or gal, I urge you to pop to your nearest Superdrug and pick this beauty up.

I never thought that I would find a tan that I find easier to use than the Skinny Tan 1 Hour Express Mousse but I’ve clearly been proven wrong with this product! This tan is super easy to use, apply and build up if desired.

I love the fact that this tan has a colour straight away as it makes it so easy to see where you’re applying the product and therefore, makes it so easy to get that perfect streak-free finish straight away. The rose gold shimmer is absolutely beautiful and when caught in the correct light, makes you look and feel like an absolute goddess. Sadly, it does wash off when you rinse off the excess tan but if you did what I chose to do and apply it before a night out (or event) and don’t wash it off until the following morning, you’ll be glowing all day and night before you sadly have to rinse it down the drain!

I applied mine using the double-sided velvety soft mitt that I always use and worked the product into my skin using circular motions making sure to not overwork the tan too much.

I absolutely loved the finish of this tan, it’s lasting incredibly well and I’ve been receiving countless compliments saying that it looks really natural and a lovely colour which is of course, exactly what you want to be hearing when you’ve fake tanned!

As I said, if you like a good fake tan and you’re on the hunt for a new one, give this a go and donate a little to charity in the process to!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

Until next time,

Georgia x

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