Nip + Fab Makeup – Worth the hype?


As my regular blog readers will know, I’ve always been a fan of Nip + Fab skincare products and so as I’m sure you can imagine, I was super excited when I heard that they were launching a make-up range. To see another make-up brand on the market that is apparently of a high quality but for affordable prices is amazing. I love a good bargain brand and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the products.

I popped into my local Superdrug on my lunch break one day and was pleased to find that they had began stocking Nip + Fab makeup. They also had an amazing offer on where if you spent £12 you received a free makeup bag including a lip liner, liquid lipstick and mascara and of course, I couldn’t pass up on this offer. I picked up 3 items (2 liquid lipsticks and the blush palette) and received the free gift too. I didn’t want to purchase too much incase I wasn’t too keen on it so thought I’d start with just a couple of products first.

The following week I was contacted by a lovely fellow blogger on Instagram called Taylor (@taylorjaneeox) saying that I was the winner of the giveaway on her account. I never tend to win these kind of things so it had gone to the back of my mind that I had entered and was a lovely surprise when I received the message saying that I was the winner. The best part? The prize was a Nip + Fab makeup bundle! I was so excited and can’t thank Taylor enough for this incredibly generous prize! Make sure to check out her account if you have Instagram too.


Matte Liquid Lipstick – £7.95

Liquid lipsticks are one of those products that I have well and truly, tested and tried more than any other product. I own so many liquid lipsticks from a variety of different brands that I have so many different opinions on them and always look forward to trying new ones to see how they compare to others in my collection.

These liquid lipsticks remind me a little bit of the NYX Lip Lingeries (mainly because they’re all nude shades) but also because the packaging, applicator and formula is very similar. The lipsticks are highly pigmented, easy to apply and stay put on the lips for a long time.

So far, my opinion of these lipsticks is very good. However, I do find the formula to be quite sticky and almost tacky on the lips. Realistically, this isn’t an issue because in all honesty, when do you ever just sit there pressing your lips together for no reason? I know for sure that I never do so it wasn’t something that particularly bothered me personally.


Blush Palette – £8.95

Yet another blush palette that I’ve added to my crazy collection but in my opinion, you can never have too many blushers! I love having a lot of choice when getting ready in the morning and always alter my blush shade based on my eye makeup, lip colour, level of bronze or highlight etc so adding another 4 shades into the collection wasn’t a problem for me.

All shades within this palette are absolutely beautiful and there is definitely a shade for everyone. Ranging from a light pink to a coral, a berry shade and even something a little more bronzed too. I love the variety of the shades within this palette and think that they’re the perfect size too. This is a great product to travel with if you’re somebody who like me, mixes up their blush shade day to day.

These powders are well pigmented without being too overpowering. Far too often, blushes are TOO pigmented meaning that they’re slightly terrifying to use and for me personally, become an actual waste of money because I don’t want to use it and risk looking like a clown at a kids birthday party.



Contour Palette – £15.00

Firstly, I absolutely love that Nip + Fab offer 3 different shade ranges with their contour palette as with most high street brands, it’s rare to see shades that are tailored to darker skin tones! Working in the make up industry I see people’s frustration every day when shades are always too light for them (luckily I work for a brand that cater for darker skin tones) but I’ve never been able to really understand why high street brands only offer light/medium shades most of the time. So, well done Nip + Fab for catering for all skin tones, it’s lovely to see!

I have the lightest contour palette available as I’m pretty pale and I’ve really been enjoying it! There’s again, a wide variety of shades to offer (3 contour/bronze and 3 highlighting/brightening) so even if you’re super pale or just a little fairer like myself, this palette will work for you one way or another.

Again, Nip + Fab have created another product very comparable to one that you can find from NYX. The contour palettes from each of the brands are almost identical not just in design and packing but also formula. These two palettes perform in pretty much, exactly the same way.


Colour Corrector (Lavender Shade) – £8.95

In all honesty, this was the product that I was confident I wouldn’t get on board with the most. I’ve never been massively interested in colour correcting and although I honestly think that it’s an amazing technique and tool for so many people, for me personally I didn’t see it as a necessity so haven’t ever found myself really exploring it.

However, this product really impressed me and I was pretty pleasantly surprised by the way it changed my concealer game.

I don’t consider myself as somebody who has massively dark under eyes (mainly because I’m slightly obsessed with the eye cream I use) but I do always wish that my under eyes were a tad brighter and lighter because as everybody knows, I love nothing more than to glow like the brightest star in the sky. This is the product that helps me to achieve that!

I add a few stripes of this product in with my under eye concealer (normally Maybelline Fit Me or Smashbox BB Eyes) and buff it into my skin using my trusty mini Real Technique sponges. The combo lightens and brightens my under eyes more than I ever thought possible and I’m really enjoying this little newbie in my collection at the moment.


Lip Liner – £5.95

I guess there’s not too much you can say about lip liners as they’re pretty straight forward but in terms of what I personally like from lip liners, Nip + Fab hit the nail on the head.

The formula of this product is smooth, soft and incredibly pigmented. I’ve tried lip liners in the past that are almost painful to apply due to their harsh texture and scratchy packaging but these apply so effortlessly and easily.

I also love the fact that these lip liners are retractable as I’ve never really got along well with ones that you have to sharpen (I find those to be the ones that are a little rough and scratchy!) so automatically, these liners were a winner for me.


Eyeshadow Palette (Sculpted 1) – £10.95

That’s right, another eyeshadow palette in my stupidly massive collection but this one is an absolute beauty.

I love the mix of tones within this palette as it offers a range of very wearable both cool and warm shades that are easy to use for any make-up look.

The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing and they perform very well when not only being swatched on the hand but more importantly, when being used on the eyes too. Their soft, very highly pigmented and super easy to blend without being overly powdery or having tonnes of fall out.

I’m very impressed with this little gem of a palette.


Mascara – £9.95

Last but not least we have mascara! I’m always partial to discovering and testing new mascaras on the market so to see that this was one of the items in the free gift that Superdrug offered, made me very pleased.

On first glance, I thought that I would absolutely love this product. The wand looked like one that was right up my alley but I found that this mascara really didn’t do a lot for my lashes. I tested it both with natural lashes and pre-curled lashes (I normally always curl my lashes so wanted to give it a fair test) but wasn’t massively impressed with either result.

I mean, it’s an okay mascara. It coats your lashes with a jet black formula and makes them slightly longer but for my preference, I would like a lot more volume and impact as I prefer a very full lash effect with a lot of drama.

The formula however was smudge proof, lightweight and stayed put throughout the day which was of course, an excellent result!


That’s it for all of the Nip + Fab products that I have so far. To answer the question in the title of this post – Worth the hype? Without a doubt!

I love this range and can’t wait to get my hands on more products from them. Next on my list, the highlighter palette because highlighter is of course my favourite product in the make-up world.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Until next time,

Georgia x