Threads Beauty – Lash Review 

Welcome back to any of my previous readers and a massive welcome to any new readers that haven’t visited my blog before! I hope you all enjoy reading this post and please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section afterwards if you would like to. 

Today’s post will be all about false lashes – something I’ve not reviewed on my blog before! However, false lashes are something that I’m beginning to experiment with more and more. Due to constantly uploading different looks on Instagram, each day, I’m finding myself purchasing more lashes to compliment each of my looks. I was lucky enough to be approached on social media by Threads Beauty who kindly offered to send me a few pairs of lashes to try out and review. As I’m currently searching for new lashes to fall in love with, I happily agreed and eagerly awaited for my parcel to arrive through the post! 

About Threads Beauty:

Threads Beauty are a fairly new company on the scene who specialise in hair threading and removal. They will be launching a coffee and beauty concept store based in London, England, in May which I’m hoping to attend the launch of. If I’m able to make it, a blog post will definitely be sure to follow! 


The packaging for these lashes are fairly simple in small red boxes with a clear window to see the lashes from the outside. I found the boxes to be quite fragile and one of them arrived slightly damaged and the glue had fallen out. However, for a new brand on the scene this is to be expected and doesn’t effect the quality of the lashes so personally, it doesn’t bother me. In the future as the brand grows, it would be nice to see slightly sturdier boxes with maybe a little more of a design on them. 

The lashes come stuck to a little plastic tray just like most brands I suppose and glue is included which is always an added bonus. 

Product Opinions:

Threads Beauty sent me two different styles of lashes which were both completely different. I was pleased about this as it gave me a chance to fairly test different qualities within the lashes based on their level of volume, length and style. 

Emiloo Lashes:

These lashes are what I would consider to be very volumised and pretty long in length. They’re quite dense so the lashes are packed closely together which creates a bold lash for any look. Although I loved the fuller look these lashes created, I did find them quite tricky to apply due to the thickness of the lash band. I got there eventually but it took me quite a while to get them to stay down and stop pinging up at the edges. I think that if the lash band was just a tiny bit thinner, they would apply much easier and adhere to the eye much quicker. 

Vava Voom Lashes:

My experience with these lashes was much more positive than the one above. The lash band itself was much thinner which enabled an easier application and made them not so visible on the lash line as the Emiloo lashes. They were fluffy, wispy and gave the simple effect of soft, longer and more volumised lashes instantly. As somebody who personally doesn’t wear lashes every day (normally just if I’m going out or for my Instagram posts!) I want something as stress free as possible and this pair of lashes were exactly that. No hassle to apply, comfortable to wear and they mixed in beautifully with my own lashes making it not stupidly obvious that I was wearing falsies. 

Overall Opinion of Threads Beauty:

My overall opinion of Threads Beauty is a positive one. Although the first set of lashes that I tried wasn’t personally for me, they’re still good quality lashes that would work for somebody (especially somebody who wears them frequently and isn’t such a novice at applying them as I am!) The packaging is simple but that kinda works and as I said, the brand is fairly new and in time, I’m sure they will up their game with the packaging side of things. 

That sums up my review so thank you for those who have gotten this far and I hope you enjoyed the read! 

Lots of love,


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